Story Book



 And so  the story of  Mother Earth and the Quakeia Babies comes a reality.










We, as authors,  would like to give special mention to Brendon Wright our illustrator, Brendon created such clear visual interpetations of the themes in the book having the talent to bring our words to life, and we are so pleased that he was willing to enable our vision of a book that will offer children a tool for resilence .











We follow the trials and tribulations of the regions affected by the earthquakes,  from the childs perspective to help them come to terms with what happened to their view of the world on that  fateful  day.








 We explore the effects of liquefaction and some of its after affects... recounting these moments visually but in a more light hearted way












Now the characters have taken the reader on this journey, we look into activities for the children to help understand and cope with these events and how to stay safe.

Hidden in the story's illustrations  are  a collection of items commonly found in an emergency get away kit, and we encourage the children through the use of "Search and Find game" to locate these individual items.




 We close the story book with a comprehensive and colourful map, aligning the childrens characters to the major locations within Canterbury NZ,  which have  been affected during the ongoing earthquakes and aftershocks.