Activity Book



THE BENEFITS OF THIS COLOURING AND ACTIVITY BOOK lays in the capacity of children to express their emotional well being through  the opportunity write in their own words ,

....colour these story characters images  on the different pages,

....and then draw their own pictures of what it meant to them to be in these traumatic events......




This Activity Book has been developed to help the children immerse themselves in defining the impact on them of the traumatic events of the earthquakes and  aims for them to reach  an understanding  on why they have felt the way they did.


Activities include colouring pages where children can immerse themselves in particular events, in the colours that mean something to them and then allows them to describe these feelings and thoughts in a meaningful way.

These pictorial images encourages the children to " speak  out " about  how they feel when all of these diverse events occurred.

A well known Psychologist Dr KUBLER ROSS, who has many medical publications to her credit, used colour  and drawing  for young children, to come to terms with the events transpiring  as a means of therapeutic healing to help them find levels of personal comprehension understanding  and well being.

The activity book when used  professionally by therapeutic specialists will stand  well as a guide for the relevant key indicators that help the child express where their emotional needs are .....
and in partnership with the child  connect  them to the fears they currently hold.


Parents and Caregivers will notice a progression of colours used and  choice of words and images presented  as the child journeys back to  a sense  of emotional well being.

This activity book when presented and repeated over time will offer insights as to how well your child is  presently and in the future coping.

Please respect how YOUR child uses this activity book, there is nothing right or wrong , it is a reflection of how they felt when these traumatic events occurred.

TAKE THE TIME TO ENGAGE AND CHAT WITH YOUR CHILD, in regards to what and how they have chosen to express these fears 

We, as authors, looked for this sort of tool when the first earthquake struck, for the children around us, but became quite daunted when there was no  local resource possible to find,  let alone to order online from overseas.

WE ARE PROUD, AS AUTHORS, TO HAVE SOLD  copies of the book and activity book to the Programme coordinators of the Kubler Ross Foundation in the USA




Additional fun activities have been included where children can create posters for the classroom or their homes.