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 Meet the AUTHORS

 Rose Spijkerman,  is new to writing childrens books, but has loved to see this book change from text on a page to a beautifully illustrated book.

She is a mum of 3 adult boys , who each faced their own difficuties coping with the quakes, but are now all on the point of moving overseas  to explore the wider horizons, through  their love of travel, ice hockey and the sciences.

She lives in Christchurch with her husband Rob and a delightful cat called Pusstopher.. we felt he needed a better name than just being called Puss.

Together  Michelle and Rose, crafted the story book and activity book, developing the themes and concepts , being respectful to the imapct of these events on families and individuals,  and always being mindful of the inspiration for the story, and the goal to provide something that was enjoyable and meaningful for our children around us.



MIchelle tn

Michelle Lagatule,  has a love of writing and is often found creating poetry and  placing these excerpts on  Facebook - this is also her first excursion  into writing  childrens books, but continuing  with the inspiration  of the story,  having recounted to her friend and co author  Rose, the events  that had transpired, when those aftershocks hit and how in desperation to manage the fears of her grandchildren, did something so out of the ordinary to find a way to let  these children cope with these fears.

Promptly  she told a story to make them giggle  and to distract them, reached for some very unusual props!

 It was not until one of her grandchildren came back with some comments  about Mother Earth, after another earthquake,  that  Michelle realised the coping strategies  that lay within  her impromptu story .

 Together with Rose,  the story developed and expanded to include the areas of Canterbury affected in September as characters within the book.

This story began its journey in 2010 and after several health challenges  in the intervening 3 years prior to launch, has seen  it develop into an educational resource as well as  fun light hearted entertaining story.

Michelle lives in Christchurch with  her granddaughter  at home , and with the wonderful help of her  dear friend Rick and granddad to Nahlia co-share the parenting  of a  bright eyed happy child.

Michelle is a mum of  2 adult children- a son and daughter -  both of whom live in Christchurch, but her son travels overseas frequently through his love of Music and as DJ.

As authors we have recieved a lot of encouragement to continue to go forward  and publish the book.... but also realising that the search for a publisher  may be quite time consuming and could be delayed until we found  the right match ..                                         -we have chosen to self publish to bring it  out sooner to meet the needs of our young children who still need support some 3 years on.

 There are others  to date  we want to thank  along the way.

  • Kiriana Winiata stepped forward to provide  educational mentoring  in the structure of the book and activity book as to how best to meet the educational aspects  within these resources
  • Rob Spijkerman and his company INFOSYSTEMS  provided the web platform for us to show case the developement  of these resources and an online shopping cart .
  • David Jones provided support and mentoring in the development phase of the story.
  • Lauren Tullit, has been a pleasure to work with, in her role as an account manager for Spectrum Print- they have delivered us a highly quality finished product - they are a company that we feel proud to recommend and are pleased to be associated with.
  • John Hamilton , Head of  NZ Civil defense, who provided us a written endorsement to publish within the book  about  the value of these resources to teach children about staying safe in these traumatic  times.


No doubt there will be others who will,  over time, come forward ... so in advance we want to say  thanks  for your help  and we gladly wish to acknowledge  your input guidance and assistance.