Mother Earth and the Quakeia babies

This story was created to bring about a knowledge of what an earthquake is, what it feels like, what can happen in these frightening moments, to share with the children of New Zealand and around the world.

It offers a foundation to build personal resilience from story book characters children will easily relate to.

Published on 4th September 2013
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Let us take them on a journey  to share a story that helps them connect to some day to day concepts, using familiar themes from home, to engage them in meaningful way through the use of these educational resources, and as they come to connect to the story and its characters, our children can assimilate and find their own resilience  of these themes in their day to day life. 

This way, it is hoped they can then connect the principles of earthquakes and aftershocks into a fun-filled learning experience, giving them the ability to smile and find comfort when they experience these earth tremors.


John Hamilton,  former  Director of Civil Defence in New Zealand, providing us  an  endorsement for  the story book, recognising the content  as a wonderful tool for children to help them cope with the stresses of having lived through such  traumatic events.